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Friday, April 28, 2017

CCSU Online Registration: MISTAKES students makes in 2017 (and how to Avoid in 2018)

  Ch.Charan Singh Meerut       Friday, April 28, 2017
CCSU Online Registration 2018:  Ch.Charan Singh Meerut University B.Com, B.Sc. and LLB Online registration start with applying major changes to stop FAKE Registration and Admission application forms.

Every year approximately ten lacks students apply for registration in CCS University first year course, while the seats in colleges and in campus is limited.

On other hand the application in lacks means heavy competition to each seat. Other state’s students also raise the completion.
CCS University Registration

The university work hard to break fake admission, submit fake details, steal other student’s details etc.

Now, Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU)admission procedure is more secure, let see demo: In such scenario, YOU should not take chance; a small hole can shrink your ship, few mistakes you have to avoid below:

CCSU online registration

Why several students Applications/admission reject in form checking process????

Here are  Three major cause of Application/Admission rejection.

1.Single Mobile Single Registration

Now, you can’t use single phone number and email id for multi registration.

Only one registration allows through single mobile number and E-mail id.

In short, all the registration with duplicate phone number and email id will not proceed to continue.

And of course this will stop cybercafé, cybershopper’s game to register multi-application by fill their number.

Earlier, friends, shop owner, relatives even in some cases your sister or brother or other family member fill the form and submit their number, this lead the students missed all important notification sent on email id or mobile phone SMS.

2.Aadhar Card

Yes!!! You read correct.

It is correct, now for First year online registration in CCS University; you must have to fill Aadhar Number.

All the students who pass out the class 12th and applying Chaudhary Charan Singh University first year admission, the Aadhar is mandatory for such students.

I have not Aadhar? What to do?

Sorry, to say, but if you have not your Aadhar card, you can’t register for admission in this university.

If you not have, it is recommended to apply for adhar card either online or offline at-lest 20 days before the registration open.

But why Aadhar Card is must for CCS University First year online registration

University Grant Commission used to ask to all universities to fill Ant ragging form.

The form has student’s Aadhar Number, Student’s parent/guardian’s Number, including your friends’ number. And, this data will submit by colleges.

3.Fill/Submit FAKE marks or other details  

Yess!!It's not a joke. Seriously, here are lots of students who TRY All and everything to hack CCS University Online mechanism for getting admission, but they fail in end

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