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CCS University Diploma Courses

The diploma courses are just like other educational program, the difference is that in diploma focus on a particular job, Profession or academic study.

Latest Updated March 11 2021

These short-term-courses designed to improve your professional or technical skills (or both at some time), or sharp your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

Having a diploma, increase the chances to get the jobs by highlighting the diploma or certificate in your resume that reflects your interest for that specific field or subject.

Another advantage of diploma courses or certificate is on-hand training and practical knowledge, specialize the candidate in particular industries or field after completion of the course.

These vocational or 1-2 years courses are available for students of all streams say IT, management, computers, mathematics, Education, Social life etc.

Mainly, CCS University Diploma Courses can categories in four types

1. Diploma after Post Graduate (PG)

For PG diploma, candidates must pass out graduation or equivalent from recognized college and university. These short courses are popular among the employees who want to increment to post, or want to get more responsibility as the promotion (of course salary increment).

2. Diploma Program after Graduate

This course is for the graduate candidates, who are looking for jobs after complete, their bachelor degree.

3. Diploma after 12th

You can enroll for these types of short course while you pass out 12th. You can admission in such course in both cases: while you are pursuing graduate, or you have skipped the higher education this year. You can fill this gap year with the diploma or certificate course after 12th class.

4. Certificate /diploma after 10th

Easy to understand that these types of course eligibility are 10th class.

CCS University Diploma Courses List

Ch.Charan Singh University offered short time courses ranging from certificate course to postgraduate courses, listed below…

P.G. Diploma-Certificate courses

  • Communication Skills in English-Improving Communication Skills for business, job or profession or for Career Development.
  • GIS & Remote Sensing-Study of geographic information system (GIS) and the Remote sensing combindly. In GIS section, candidates learn, work on common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps, location-tracking, etc. On the other hand, the remote sensing focuses on satellite-or aircraft, surface and in the atmosphere and oceans.
  • T.V. Journalism-Discover the career requirements for TV journalists. Study about how to reports, news, using of camera, scene footage. Television journalists also help with the editing of their stories, provide voice-overs and may prepare the story for coverage on television as well as online.
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Clinical Science Psychology-This program aimed at offering students further studies in Applied Psychology built upon the foundation provided at the Diploma level in Applied Psychology. It’s designed to prepare and develop students academically and socially for successful higher academic studies within the discipline of psychology.
  • Human Rights

Certificate Courses

  • Proficiency in French
  • Proficiency in German

Language courses

  • French Language
  • German Language
  • Urdu Proficiency
Career benefits of the Diploma or Certificate courses offered by CCS University Meerut

Get recruiter's attention with highlight 1, 2 year short –term Courses in a resume.

Because you have already earn basic/deep knowledge about field or industries, so you will take less time to train and start performance in compression of plain degree holder, who apply for the same job.

Chaudhary Charan Singh University conducts the Diploma Courses examination every year in the month of Nov/Dec and May/June.

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