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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

CCS University B.Ed 2013-14 result - Breaking News

  Ch.Charan Singh Meerut       Tuesday, September 11, 2018

CCS University B.Ed 2013-14 result for Direct admission

Again in trouble after Supreme shocking order Hon. Supreme court to 30,000 B.Ed. students year 2013-14 session.

Not only CCS University students, order affect to all universities in UP, approximately 30 THOUSNADS students, in which about 17,000 from CCS.

The supreme Court cancels the reconsider request on Monday, now not only CCS University, but other all universities in UP can’t declare B.Ed. results 2013-14 till next decision or SC not allow.

CCSU B.Ed. 2013-14 result –Where is the problem?

In 2013-14, here in several colleges B.Ed. seats vacant in thousands, students don't show interest in B.Ed. Course or Bachelor of Education, B.Ed. colleges in UP request to state administration to fill the vacant seats.

Some colleges file Writ in High court to allow fills the seats.

To avoid session declare NULL, Hon. Supreme Court ordered fix admission last date and ordered to state government to complete the admission process by or before 16, JULY, 2013.

But, State government allows colleges for admission by 16 October, 2013, and colleges start direct admission on vacant seats.

And, the problem starts. Someone challenge the state government and colleges in High court to declare all admissions UNFAIR AFTER 16 July, 2013.

From 16 July to 16 October, Here are four month gap.

HC cancels admission 

According to court order last date was 16.07.2013 not the 16.10.2013, and the court declared all admissions between 16.07.2013 to 16.10.2013 Invalid/Unfair/Illegal.

Students again request in HC, in the welfare of students High Court permission to Universities/colleges only for examination with clearly in order that the universities will not declare BED result 2013-14, till next order.

Writ in Supreme Court and Final hearing result

Later, students challenge HC decision in SC, And on 10 September Supreme Court declares all Bed admissions Invalid /UNFAIR and deny to reconsideration of an old order.

Lose of students 

Yes!! Of course

They were waiting for the last four years for results. Believe me; some students are now over age for teacher job eligibility.

The students aren't taking admission in bed later; because of they were assured about the result declaration.

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