How to Study For Long Hours?13 Study Tips That Really Works

“Your talents and abilities will improve over time, but for that you have to start” - Martin Luther King

Study for long hours clearly means that you don't have much time left in your hands to prepare for the assessments. 

No matter how much you study, if you do not relax you will be traumatized. 

Therefore, relax, constantly think practically and prevent daydreaming or procrastinating. Time is valuable.

By the way, for improving your exam result read the study tips below:

Latest Updated On 02.05.2023

Study For Long Hours Best Tips

  1. Study at a desk or table with enough room to spread out your study materials. Avoid studying in bed, since getting too comfortable can distract you from your studies.
  2. Prioritize your schedule: take up difficult topics early in the day:
  3. Set a timer for topic and start tracking with the help of time tracking device . You can also use Pomodoro Technique if you want but make sure you don’t get distracted from break.
  4. Block social media sites, apps using distraction removal software life cold turkey blocker on PC. And more important keep your phone out of sight and out of mind.
  5. If you get your toughest or most boring work out of the way, it'll be easier to study for a longer period of time. Tackle difficult tasks when you're fresh, and save your easiest assignments for when you start to run out of gas.
  6. Playing music helps some people stay focused, but it doesn't work for everybody. If you do not find it distracting, hear instrumental music while you research to keep your mind in the match.
  7. You may be tempted to hunker down and study for several hours straight because of you worrying about CCS University Result, but that's a quick way to lose motivation. Your body and brain need breaks, so take 10 minutes or so to refresh yourself every hour. Go for a walk, grab a snack, or stretch, then get back to work
  8. Look for ways to relate your studies to your life. Take a stand on an issue in history class, or connect topics in science to your daily experiences. Even if something seems uninteresting, keep an open mind and give it a chance to capture your attention.
  9. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't accomplish your task, but be sure to reward yourself only when you actually finish.
  10. Explaining concepts to others is a great way to process and memorize information. Studying with others can also help you fill in any gaps in your notes.
  11. Create visual or abstract images of the theory that you are learning. We remember things we see and hear better. A simple example is if you want to remember Newton’s second law of motion which is force = mass*acceleration i.e F= ma^2
    Just visualize a fat man running fast and pushing a boulder. The man is mass, the speed in which he runs is acceleration and the movement of the boulder is the amount of force.
  12. Teaching someone or even yourself is an effective way of learning. If you don’t find someone to teach to, pretend to be a student yourself and try explaining things out loud.
  13. In case you've got sufficient time or perhaps between chapters run a little test. You do not have to write everything down. Jot down the data in points out of which you may elaborate on mind afterwards. The job of recording significant information for fast revision later is also accomplished.

Studying Long Hours Diet

What should I eat to Study For Long Hours?

Studying 10-12 hours out of each day requires significant degree of commitment (the subject you read ought to be fascinating however)

What's more, considering food consumption you ought to remember these for your Diet

Breakfast :

Earthy colored bread with heartbeats or an organic product (consider eating as adequate). Milk with extra enhancements (just in the event that you work out)

Discretionary : Fresh Fruit juice


Rice, Veggies (more in amount than Rice), Meat (discretionary), Fish(optional) and organic product plate of mixed greens

Night :

Green Tea (as it assists with reviving yourself)

Supper :

Wheat bread, less measure of heartbeats, and some more natural products (attempt to keep the supper as low as could really be expected).

In addition stay hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. Having coconut water thrice a week helps to detox your body and in addition to diet practice meditation daily if not once for couple of days.

So now you know everything you ought to know about studying for long hours. Hope it helps ☎️ Share your opinion with us in comment below

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