CCSU Provisional Mark Sheet

CCSU Provisional Mark Sheet or other provisional certificates are for emergency purposes only. These documents work in case you need marksheet as soon as possible, but the university taking time to release marksheet officially.

As the name specified, the Provisional marksheet of ccs university is temporary, and valid for a short time period or it’s not a permanent certificate.

So if you are looking to get ccsu provisional mark sheet application form? Or do you want to know where to ccsu provisional certificate download? then read this details guide completely.

This guide will help to answer how to fill out the application form for ccsu provisional mark sheet. Don’t worry – it’s easy! Keep reading for all the details.

Apply for CCSU Provisional Mark Sheet

On the ccs university provisional certificate online portal, you can access CCSU Provisional certification section 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

To register or log in, simply visit the CCSU Meerut website, and after registration enter your login credentials.

Whether you need to download CCSU provisional mark sheet, migration certificate, or degree, University makes it quick and convenient.

To start using CCS University provisional mark sheet portal, you will need to register for an account first. Simply follow the prompts on the CCS website and you’ll be up and running in no time.


Visit ccsu provisional certificate download link -


Click on the 'Register' tab, and fill in all required details correctly (twice check before submitting). Please fills in the details. Check image for assistant:

ccsu provisional mark sheet registration

ccsu provisional mark sheet registration
  • Student Name
  • Father Name
  • Mother Name
  • Enrollment No.[ Do not enter ‘M’. Submit/type only number]
  • Mobile No.
  • Student Email-Id [Use currently active email id]
  • Student Image - Only .jpg Image (less than 100kb size) allowed. [Read below how to reduce the image size to 100kb to upload here]

Reduce Student’s photo size to 100 kb in paint

Avoid uploading uncompressed or large images to the portal because large images take up too much time and space to upload to ccsu degree certificate, portal.

CCSU Provisional Mark Sheet application form allows the upload of .jpg images only, with a maximum size of 100kb. 

In case of the image is large use MS paint to reduce the size by following the steps listed here.

  1. Right-click on the image file in the File Explorer, and select Open With, Paint.
  2. Select Image... Change the Horizontal and Vertical percentages to a percentage less than 100. ... 80, 60, etc.
  3. Select File (the main menu item)>> Save As to save the resized image.
  4. Ensure to keep image file’s extension .jpeg or .jpg, save now.


After uploading required documents such as the student’s photograph (.jpg Image) and Re-check to ensure all details are valid, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Retrieve CCSU Portal Password

If you have registered for ccs university provisional certificate online but have not received mail till now, fill in the given detail and submit it to get detail on the below link:

Here, keep in mind to use the same email id that you use for registration, In case of an incorrect email, it will not work.

CCS University Online Marksheet Verification

CCS University online Marksheet verification

Now CCS University Meerut Marksheet or Degree verification is easy and away with just 1 or 2 mouse clicks. By entering the serial number and captcha verify the ccs university marksheet online


You can also verify through email by sending documents in email either to OR

Mark sheet verification for WES

For WES verification send a transcript, degree, and academic records requests to email id:

CCSU Provisional Mark Sheet Conclusion

If you recently apply for admission or jobs where you have to submit your academic documents for verification as soon as possible, but CCS University still has not released the documents officially.

In such a situation CCSU provisional mark sheet, and migration certificate are the solution.

But, if you are not sure about where ccsu provisional certificate download or ccsu marksheet online download application form; this guide will help to answer where to apply for ccsu provisional mark sheet online.

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